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Selecting Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

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I just signed up for pandora plus. Is there a way for me to select which stations i can listen to offline? It automatically selected 4 stations but the station that i really listen to was not one of the stations.


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@mattreigl Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Community.

You may consider upgrading to Pandora Premium which allows subscribers to download any station, playlist, album or song in their collection for offline listening.

In the meantime, I recommend giving this existing feature request a ❤️ to express your interest in getting this added to the service as well: Choose your own Offline stations with Pandora Plus

Hope this helps!

Adam | Community Moderator

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it is truly pathetic that this cannot be done.  I can only assume that that people who run Pandora do not use Pandora themselves (maybe they use Spotify or Apple Music at home).   Who assumes that the stations you listen to the most (likely when you're on wifi -- likely at home) would be the same ones you would want to listen to when not on wifi (e.g. out running or in the car)?  I can't believe they are that dense, so I can only conclude they are not users of the service themselves.  this has to be SO easy to add as a feature.   

I've had Pandora for years and have an annual membership, but will be canceling at the end of 2021 if they haven't add the ability to choose the limited number of offline stations.   they have added so little increased functionality it's like they are begging me to move to Spotify.

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