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Selecting Offline Stations with Pandora Plus

Local Performer

I just signed up for pandora plus. Is there a way for me to select which stations i can listen to offline? It automatically selected 4 stations but the station that i really listen to was not one of the stations.


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Local Performer

Wow, really disappointing. I understand limiting the number of offline stations for plus members, but not allowing us to manage what's downloaded on our personal devices is just rude. Limit me to 3 but let me choose what gets downloaded.

I have 2 service outages on my commute to work. I'm really rather tired of my most listened to stations, but that's what comes on when I lose connection. The suggestion to play my preferred station is really stupid because in order to do this, I'll be playing with my phone on silent, all night, all day at work. What a stupid game to force your users to play for what should be a simple feature. This is the kind of thing that sours your customer base against you. 

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Local Performer

Not allowing us to pick which stations are available Offline is beyond disgusting. This needs fixed, and no "pay twice as much!" isn't a solution.

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