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Shuffle only cycles through 5 stations at a time

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Shuffle Mode only plays 5 different artists

This has happened to me on two different devices so far this morning. When my alarm went off on my phone this morning (which is set to Shuffle all stations), it only cycled between Drive-By Truckers, Anderson Paak, Beck, Middle Kids and Wolfmother.

Now that I'm at work, I'm listening on my PC, and it's only giving me The Fratellis, Paramore, Copeland, Mates of State and Blink-182. 

I'm paying for a Premium subscription, I should definitely be getting more variety than this. Has anyone else encountered this issue before? Do I need to reset something?

I've been running into a lot of different, very frustrating issues with Pandora recently, I'm honestly beginning to question whether or not it's still worth it. 

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Pandora Update 04/21/21:

Hi everyone! 👋🏽

Thank you all for sharing your feedback with us regarding some changes you noticed when streaming Pandora in Shuffle Mode.

This issue is now resolved, and our engineers have confirmed that Shuffle Mode is now working as intended.

We're making some changes to how stations are stored and retrieved with the goal of making them more reliable with less downtime for maintenance. However, this necessitated changes to how shuffle operates.  As a result we modified the shuffle algorithm to be a bit more random.  It will no longer try to play each of your stations before repeating, but instead it will change up the order occasionally.

I will now be closing this thread from any future comments from being posted.

If you notice any other discrepancies with the way Shuffle Mode is working down the line, feel free to create a new thread with as much information as you can provide.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

Adam | Community Moderator

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