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Sorting songs / Duplicate songs

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I know there's probably been a million posts about this, but my 2 cents.. Until there's a feature that allows you to sort songs/artists in a created playlist, and a feature that Doesn't allow songs to be added to playlist when they already exist, I will never be a premium member. That is all.
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@chrisscheer Nice to see you around the community!

If you haven't yet already, I recommend checking out the existing feature requests we have, and adding a comment with your specific suggestions:

💡More sorting options for Premium

💡Prevent duplicate songs on playlists

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ADAMPANDORA  I looked at 

More sorting options for Premium 

Prevent duplicate songs on playlists

your answer was

 I moved your post to our Feature Request space since this is not yet a feature of the app. Thanks for your suggestion!  for sorting issues


 I have moved your post to the Feature Requests space under this thread to keep the forums organized. It looks like there are others who are looking for the same feature to get added to the service.

Thanks again for all of your great suggestions!  duplicate issues

How is this helpful at all ?

Really .................. Hope is not a strategy and as a Premium user who just swallowed a price increase for functions I don't use. Please fix the functions I need

It's not Rocket Science to be able to organize a playlist. Just being able to sort from A to Z would suffice..


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@davidpatey I definitely understand your frustration with this. 

Unfortunately, since these aren't currently features of the Pandora, the best way to get your voices heard by our product team is to create new feature requests for things you'd like to see added to the service, or comment and ❤️on the existing threads that have already been created by other users.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we are continually working to improve our service for all of our listeners.

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 🎧


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so in other words, pandora doesnt have a clue?

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