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Station doesn't play artist it was created for

Local Performer

I've been digging around in the support group for the last 30 minutes and can't find the answer to this question.   I'm sorry if its been asked before.   At any rate, I've created a number of stations based on particular artists.  Some of them are ok, but others seem to want to play anybody and everybody except the artists I want to hear.  I'm lucky if i get one song a day from the right artist.  I've tried to train it by thumbs down-ing the the unwanted stuff but then it will say "not loving this station?  try another"  or words to that effect. I would love the station if it would play what it's supposed to.  Any way to remedy this?


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Local Performer

I've created a station and it will play literally anything but the artist it was created for. Granted I still like the songs it plays, but I want to hear that artist too. I can skip through thousands of songs, but it won't play a single song by that artist

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Local Performer

Pandora Plus account

I have artists who, until recently played, regularly on their named radio station and on other stations to which they are seeded. Now, they NEVER play on any station even though they still have a station named for them and their names still appear for seeding to other stations. What's up?

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Local Performer

OK, so my problem is I have stations that USED to play the artist I had tuned it for but no longer plays anything from the artist.  In some cases I have deleted the station and restarted it and found you no longer have the licenses for that artist (I'm inferring as the artist no longer comes up in your search).  However, in several cases the artist does come up in the search but the new station still will not play the artist.  You should at least program an alert that informs the paying user that the artist is no longer available.

Local Performer

Thats stupid as hell, why should I keep paying for a service that can't even play the music I want. Even on artist only mode your app only plays like the same 6 songs from three of the artists in my station, what gives?

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Local Performer

Why do I only hear 1 or 2 songs by Pink Floyd.  The other songs are  Led Zeppelin, etc. I wish to listen to Pink Floyd only on the Pink Floyd Station. 

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@RJH1955 I moved your post over to this existing thread: Station doesn't play artist it was created for

Check out the accepted solution for more information around this.

Hope this helps!

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Diamond in the Rough

 This channel has ONE seed and I've NEVER heard a piano solo, or ANY piece of music by him(seed: Josh Groban) in which he was NOT singing! 🤨


Yet this^ kind of thing plays often! 

 Likewise, this:


 Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls?! WHAT piece by the seed artist has ever sounded remotely like this genre?

Seriously, can anyone w/ access 2 the Pandora systems explain Y this channel is playing music that's SO different than EVERYthing the seed artist has ever done?? Or perhaps explain what I've missed about how the system is supposed 2 work over the last decade plus using the service...?


Also, is there a good place 2 echo praise 4 the platform? It seems that every time I come here, it's because I've a new gripe 2 share/seek support/solution for. 😑  Pretty depressing.

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