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Stations no longer play the same music after upgrading

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I've used Pandora for like 15 years..I listen to music sometimes nonstop, so I decided I got tired of ad interruptions, kills the mood.. so since paying for a subscription, the playlists can be cool, but now the flow of thumbs up songs and cool new songs (to me are new) isn't the same. And it's making think of not using this music app anymore. Please make it like how it was when I wasn't paying, except the ads of course since I'M PAYING for it. Like why is the free flow better than the actual subscription?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Blutge Sorry to hear that your stations aren't playing the way you want them to.

Pandora stations adapt with every song to try to find the right music for you. It does this by using a combination of the detailed information in the Music Genome Project, the station seeds and Thumbs feedback you have given along with feedback given by other listeners under similar conditions.

There are a number of variables that come into play when selecting the next song:

  • The complete range of musical attributes for all of the songs we have by the artist you used to create the station. For example, for a station based on Brian Eno, you might hear rock songs and ambient music. You might try creating a station from one of the artist's songs instead (e.g. Lucky Star by Madonna). This should make the station much more specific.

  • The type of feedback you've given on the station (all the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down ratings) and any additional artist or song seeds you've added to the station. Pandora lumps all this together and tries to determine what the best musical match is based on our musical analysis.

To improve your stations, here are a couple of things to try:

  1. Thumb down tracks that do not fit. This will prevent that song from playing again, and Pandora will learn more about what you don't want to hear.
  2. Make sure each of the thumbs-up you've given fits in with the type of station you are trying to create. If not, then remove that thumbs-up rating from the station page.
  3. When listening from a computer, a mobile device or the Sonos app, you can access Pandora Modes to customize your station experience. You can pick different modes like Crowd Faves, Discovery and Deep Cuts.

If you need help editing your stations, let me know.

Thanks so much for listening!

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