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Thumbprint Radio Disappeared

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I had to delete my Pandora app to free up space on my phone to do the newest iOS update. When I redownloaded it, my station was there fine (with all 733 thumbs up, I’ve had this station for about 7 years now) but my thumbprint radio was apparently blank. I tried to load it and was met with a screen saying essentially do more thumbs and then we'll make your thumbprint radio based on that (even though I still have the 733 thumbs associated with the station). Is there a way to get my old thumbprint radio back or will I have to manually unthumb and then thumb back everything on my station?

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@GeneralDowns Nice to see you around the Community.

I took a look at your account, and it looks like you only have one station created so far.

Before you can re-collect Thumbprint Radio, you will first need to create a few more stations and give each of them some thumbs up. Once you've given enough thumb feedback, you should see the option to add Thumbprint Radio the following day.

Also, the stations will need to be created from tracks or artists that are not Holiday, Children's, or Comedy, as these tracks tend not to mix as smoothly with other thumbed up tracks from all your stations.

Hope this helps explain.

Adam | Community Moderator

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