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Activating Pandora on your TV

Local Performer

I’m just trying to listen to music on my TV

thank you’d muck.  

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Hi @Kenzeeburling! Welcome to community, thanks for posting! 👋🏻 I've created a separate post for your message: Activating Pandora on your TV

Here are some general instructions on how to activate your in-home device:

  • Launch the Pandora application.
  • Select New User.
  • An activation page will appear with a code - leave this code up on the device screen as you continue.

From the web, visit[brand of device] and enter the activation code there (e.g.

Or, from a mobile device, open the Pandora app and go to Settings, then tap Device Activation and enter the code.

Finally, select Continue on the in-home device.

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