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Alexa Devices: Thumb feedback no longer appearing


I’m noticing the same thing when playing Pandora on my Alexa Show. Usually when I hit like on a song, she gets snippy and says “similar rating already received “. So I’m not sure if the like is gone or not

I noticed 95% of my likes are now not showing on my echo show. I haven’t listened to either of the stations for a couple months and now most of the thumbs are gone.
did anything change between Alexa and Pandora?

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Hi @wfc 

Thanks for posting.

It seems that these experience may be related so I've gone ahead and merged your posts together. Can you give me an example of a station and a few tracks that you've thumbed that are no longer appearing as thumbed?

Tanner | Community Moderator

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Sorry for the delay. I figured out my problem. At some point I created duplicate stations for two of my channels. The duplicates with no history was what I managed to play. (Naturally)

Thanks for the help. I apologize for wasting your time.

I do have one more question. I understand that my “
Thumbprint “ station is a combination of all my thumbs up ratings across all stations. Is it supposed to play Christmas (holiday) as well ?


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Community Manager

@wfc  Thumbprint Radio will not typically include tracks or artists that are Holiday, Children's, or Comedy, as these tracks tend not to mix as smoothly with other thumbed up tracks from all your stations.

Hope this helps clarify.

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