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Amazon Alexa: Linked account shows as unlinked


My Pandora stations no longer appear in the Alexa app. It says the skill needs enabled but it already is. I tried unlinking and relinking and unabling and enabling but that didn't help. Also uninstalled and reinstalled Alexa and Pandora apps. Alexa will play my stations when given the voice command, the stations just don't show in the app. It worked fine for years so something must have happened with a recent update. 

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Hi @ToniYoz

I would recommend trying to link your account through the web to see if it will help. Also, can you confirm your mobile device OS and Pandora version?

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I got the same problem when my son changed accounts on the Alexa app.  When I went back to my account, the problem started happen6 and I have not been able to use it.  I have a Sonos speaker, so I was able to connect Pandora through there and my Alexa as well.  I just say Alexa, play whatever and it does.  I can also control my stations on the Sonos app.

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I linked Pandora to my echo dot and then I go into settings on the parent dashboard to enable pandora on the echo but t says "Your Pandora account is not linked to Alexa. Link your account in the Alexa App to allow child sharing in Parent Dashboard." but I go into look, and it says I'm linked. I tried to DISABLE SKILL and then re-link pandora and it still didn't work. I unplugged the Echo Dot and plugged in again then tried everything again and it still isn't working.

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