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Amazon echo issues

Local Performer

I haven’t asked Amazon about this yet but can anything be done to improve name recognition when using echo devices? If I ask Alexa to Play Jon Nakamatsu radio on Pandora, she gets it right about 1 in 10 times. If I ask for Stacey Kent radio, she gets it right every time. I have noticed that asking for Jon’s music on both Apple and Amazon Music seems to work most of the time. So I’m not sure if this is purely an Amazon problem. Has anyone encountered this?

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Hi @LarryP 

Welcome to community.

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Amazon Echo. Could you tell me a little more about experience.

When you use voice commands does Alexa confirm your command and then plays the wrong station, or does Alexa say she's unable to find the station or something else?

Tanner | Community Moderator

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