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Bose: Station playback repetitive through Soundtouch app

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We've had a Bose Lifestyle 650 for a few years now.  We use the free version of Pandora and connected it in the Soundtouch app, and every playlist we've created starts with the same song, and and probably uses the same list.  We discovered that if we open Pandora first, and connect the Bose system speakers to that app, the playlists are completely different.  Any thoughts?

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Hi @LisaG8! Thanks for posting to community.

To confirm, when you play a Pandora station through the Soundtouch app, playback is begins with the same song? Does the same thing happen when casting from the Pandora app or only through the Soundtouch app?

Before reaching out, have you tried any troubleshooting steps? If yes, can you let me know what you tried? I'd like to avoid any duplicate steps.

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I’d like to hear a fix for this. I have the same issue. Starts with same song, repeats songs while saying it’s playing a different song. All while using the Bose app controlling my Bose amp. 

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