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Dish TV - Unable to login

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Hello, I already posted a question because following the instructions here did not work for us, then couldn’t find my post-wrong spot?

So here it is: With our DISH TV subscription we have an app for Pandora, giving us a free account that worked fine until it suddenly quit & wouldn’t allow us back in using the Pandora Password we thought it was. Didn’t use it for a while until now, when:

1) tried using original Password again;

2) when that didn’t work, tried changing the Password;

3) when THAT didn’t work, claiming my email was not in Pandora’s database…why are both email and pw saved on my iPad?;

4) so then tried to sign up as a “new user” & can’t get that to work either!  
(error notice)

5) on TV, for Pandora, instructions were to go Pandora online to get Pandora.  Not working for TV despite coming online to Pandora & entering a new PW.

What am I supposed to do now & how can I access our “old” playlists we spent years creating, want back so we do not  have to start all over again?  I have logged in repeatedly both here & DISH, until DISH made me change my PW twice, I don’t know why, which I did, but it is no longer allowing me to keep logging in.  

I do not know how to use apple products yet very well, as I used PC’s over 40+ yrs when working, professionally, & am trying to learn this iPad with a much slower capacity to learn new things, I discovered.

Hubby does not want to lose his“channels” of music he’s put together, nor do I!  How do we log into the Pandora Account we had since switching from Direct TV to DISH TV, many years ago?

Thanks in advance for any help accessing our account!


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Hi @olga_p! Welcome to community. 

I've created a new post for your message since you mention having trouble on your DISH TV and the previous thread was related to Grace Digital devices. 

I'm happy to take a closer look, but it looks like the Pandora account associated with your community profile was created just today. 

I'll need to gather additional information from you to further look into this. I'll reach out via Private Message here on community. Please note, you may receive an email notification about this message, but be sure to respond to this PM directly from community. You can access this message in the upper right of the web page by clicking on the envelope icon. Be sure not to post any personal information, such as your email address, in this thread. 

Thanks and be on the look out for my message. 

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