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Google Home - Using multiple Pandora accounts


My wife and I each have Pandora accounts and we frequently use Google Assistant to listen on different speakers but frequently get "someone is listening to your Pandora account".  How do we solve this?

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Hi @Keukakid! Thanks for posting to community. 

If you have more than one Pandora listener using your Google Home device, you'll want to make sure that you have a unique Google account affiliated with each user. That's because each Google account holder can only link to one Pandora account at a time.

If you create these unique profiles on your Google Home, you'll be able to access the correct Pandora account by switching the Google account affiliated with your device.

Here's some more information about how to add an additional Google account to your device.


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My wife and I each have our Google account linked to the Google Home account, but still receive the message that someone is listening to my Pandora account.

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Any solution to this? My home is having the same problem and yes we each have separate google accounts linked.

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