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Legrand Devices: App only displays stations A-J

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When listening to Pandora through the Legrand App, I can only choose from a list of stations A-J. If I search for another station, the error message says "station was removed or deleted by the user on another device". I have the Premium subscription but can't access all of my music. What can I do?

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Hi @cranberrydental 

Welcome to community.

Sorry for any confusion. Since individual manufacturers are usually responsible for the implementation of the Pandora application some in-home devices are not optimized to display the 250 station limit, and are subject to a 95-100 station limit. Additionally, not all devices support Premium features, at this time, Premium is available on the devices listed here.


If you're using Pandora in a public setting, you may benefit from Mood Media, with features like unlimited listening, no advertising, and a media player that can connect to your existing sound system.

Additionally, due to the terms of our music licenses, the consumer version of the Pandora service (including Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium) cannot legally be used to play music in a commercial or public setting. Any Pandora listening that isn't personal and private, even for non-profit or tax exempt organizations, must be properly licensed through Mood Media, which fairly compensates artists, authors, composers, publishers and other rightsholders.

Use of Pandora in these settings is available only via hardware sold by Mood Media. To learn more or sign up, click here.


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