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Google Home - what is the default station it plays and how to change

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This might not be a Pandora issue but I am sure I am not the first one that wonders about this. 

I have Google Home and linked it to my Pandora account, it's nice, I really enjoy it but what if I want to find out what station it play, is there a way to skip "thumb up/down" a song 

I want to know more but mainly what is the station it plays and how to change it in case I get borred.

Maybe it plays the thumbs up only 🙂

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Hi @grumpycat! Thanks for posting. 

If you're listening to Pandora on your Google Home device, you can use voice commands to ask Google what is playing, change stations, thumb up or down a song and a lot more.

You can find examples of the types of voice commands you can use on the Google Support Page. Keep in mind, if Pandora is not your default music provider, you may need to include "... on Pandora" when using your voice command. 



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