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Google Mini -- Play Station (not playlist)

Local Performer

Google Mini v2
Pandora Family account

I have a station called "Troy's Punk Rock";  I can NOT get google mini to play this (or any) station.
When I have a playlist called "Punk Rock favorites", it works; but I'm not wanting a playlist, I"m wanting a station.

And before you ask... I've rebooted the MINI, I've upgraded the mini, I've unlinked my Pandora account & re-linked it; all numerous times. 

What else can I try?


Pappa Bear/Troy

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Local Performer

Okay, a bit hesitant to call it solved, but renaming the station and then back seems to have fixed it; not sure why.
--- renamed station from "Troy's Punk Rock" to ABCDEF, saved it, waited 3 minutes, renamed the station back to original name "Troy's Punk Rock" and now Google Mini finds the station.


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