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NO Sound on Sony 4K , all of a sudden!

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Tuned in to Pandora tonight, like the last 4 years..NO SOUND, WHAT? Song proceeds like there is sound on....Disengaged the surround sound, used TV speakers, logged out, logged in...ALL other apps(everything from you-tube to Netflix to the Weather Channel(lol) worked with sound, no problem...don't say that there is a Pandora volume in the bottom right, cause on TV, there isn't! WHAT is up?  

PS ALL my other million problem with sound! 

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@audiocare To clarify, are you streaming Pandora through either Dish Network, or DirecTV?

Our support team took a look at the Pandora account connected to your Community profile, and don't see any direct device associations with a Sony TV.

Let me know.

Adam | Community Moderator

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