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New stations get created when listening on Alexa


Many of my favorite stations have disappeared.  At the same time, I have noticed that every song request going through Amazon Alexa creates a new station.

I want my favorite stations, that took years to create, back and I want amazon to stop creating new stations from every song request.


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Community Manager

@tyspalding I moved your post to the Other Devices space to keep the community tidy.


New stations getting created on Amazon Alexa: 

To clarify, it looks like you recently downgraded to Pandora Plus - the ability to stream music on demand is only an option with Pandora Premium.

Where you were once able to request specific songs to play on your Alexa device with your Premium subscription, you will now only be able to listen to artist/song based stations on that device with your current Plus subscription.




Missing stations:

I'm happy to look into this - what are the names of the stations that are missing from your account?

Let me know.

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Hello and thank you for the input.  Yes, I downgraded my Pandora account.  The problem is, If I ask to play, for example, CSN&Y, it will create a CSN&Y station.  Is this the result of the down grade?


I would really love the return to "FIP Radio" and "The Bridge" stations from Pandora.



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Hi @tyspalding!

Here are a few commands that may help while listening to Pandora on your Amazon Echo:
  • Request a station: "Alexa, play [artist] radio on Pandora." If Alexa can't find what you're asking for in your collection, she'll automatically create a station for you.
  • Create a station: "Alexa, create a [artist] station on Pandora."
  • Use Thumbs: "Alexa, Thumb up this song," or "Alexa, Thumb down this song."
  • Skip songs: "Alexa, skip this song."
  • Control playback: "Alexa, stop playing."
  • Control volume up or down: "Alexa, volume up," or "Alexa, volume down."
  • Find out what is playing: "Alexa, what is playing?"

You can select Pandora as your primary music service and you won't have to say "on Pandora" after each command. 

Keep in mind that if Alexa is unable to find what you've requested, she may add a station that does not exactly match what you requested. You may need to try again from a computer or mobile device.

Let me know if that helps. 


For the missing stations, you should be able to recreate the station on your end, simply create a new station from the same song or artist you'd originally used. That will bring back the missing station with all of its thumb ratings intact (If there are any).

If you have trouble with this, let me know and I'll take a deeper look. 

Hope this helps! 🎧


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Hi again,

Many thanks for your information.


I am still unable to retrieve my two favorite stations, FIP and The Bridge.  I tried your suggestions and variations to your suggestions, I can't get them.  they were stations I made, not established Pandora stations.


with appreciation


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Jumping in here.  This information is helpful, but not when there are children around.  The children are constantly creating new stations, in abundance.  Is there a way to require a station to be created only with a command on Alexa and not a new song?  This was happening to me even with an upgraded account, not just after downgrade.


Thank you

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Every time my daughter requests a song via Alexa, Pandora adds the the who station to my collection the account.  This screws me up when I try to use Pandora on my mobile phone as I have hundreds of stations to sift through.  


Can I stop this.  Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

@allenga I moved your post to this thread since you have similar feedback with the way Pandora functions on your Alexa device.

If you'd like to have an option to prevent Alexa from creating new Pandora stations when requesting music on that device, I recommend creating a feature request for your suggestion here

Hope we continue to see you around the community! 

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Is there a way to delete multiple stations at once? Every time I ask Alexa to play a song on any of my Echo devices, it creates a Pandora station based on that song (Alexa only plays the song itself, from a different music provider).

Is there a solution to either of these issues? It's really frustrating. I have reached my limit on stations due to this and deleting them one by one takes a long time.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@acstumpf I moved your post to this thread since you are running into a similar issue.

Alexa creating new stations:

I definitely understand your frustration with this -If you'd like to have an option to prevent Alexa from creating new Pandora stations when requesting music on that device, I recommend creating a feature request for your suggestion here

Bulk deleting stations:

While there isn't currently a way to bulk delete stations on the website or app, I recommend giving this existing feature request a ❤️to express your interest in getting it added as well. 

Hope this helps!

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I ended up creating a new pandora account just for my alex account and then sharing stations from my old account to the new one.  That way when my kids ask for alexa to play "farting jingle bells" it gets added to the pandora account dedicated to alexa and not my personal account.