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Sonos - Adding stations

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I have added Pandora to my Sonos.  I want to add stations but when I follow the help directions to tap the (...) next to My Stations to add new stations I do not get that option.  Anyone else ever seen this?

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Hi @billreichhold! Thanks for posting to community. 

Are you using the Sonos app or the Pandora app?

If you're using the Pandora app, the easiest way to add a station to your list is by searching for an Artist, Song or Station. Then simply press play. This will begin and add the station to your list. 

You can find more info around creating, editing and deleting stations on our Help Page

If you're using the Sonos app, you can find more info on station creation from our Help Page: Pandora on Sonos

If you're seeing something different, can you do me a favor and take a screenshot of what you see when trying to add a station.


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