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Unable to open Pandora on my Apple tv

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I have a Pandora account that is current; allows me to get on my iPhone and Mac. Up until a week ago, I was able to listen on my Apple TV. It seems that my late husband's email address is on the tv; I am not able to access due to not knowing his password. My husband passed FOUR years ago. When I go to Pandora on App store for the tv, I'm told that there is no connection ... and I cannot open due to the password. I've attempted contacting PANDORA ... email, "chat" with no success.

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Hi @SandraAllan! Thanks for posting to community!

Looks like you may have reached out to our User Support team via email and they were able to assist with your Apple TV. 

Feel free to reach out via email or post here in community if you should have trouble again in the future.

Thanks for listening! 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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