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Ad inquiry - Locating a recently played ad

Local Performer

How can I find an ad I heard on Pandora?


Moderator Edit: Edited title for clarity

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@JackaLopes I'm happy to look into this for you.

Please reply back with as much of the following about the ad as you can:

  1. What was the ad for? Do you remember the brand, product, event or website name?
  2. Do you remember anything else that was said or mentioned in the ad?
  3. What additional information are you looking for about the ad? Are you looking for a website for the brand that was being advertised?

Let me know what you can remember.

Adam | Community Moderator

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Local Performer

How can I get the script of the Shopify advertisement currently playing on Pandora (late September)? It’s the one where the parents encourage the daughter to set up a Shopify account to sell her cookies.

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