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Double charged by Google Play

Local Performer

I have also been being double charged for Pandora by Google. It has been going on for about 7 months now. I have reached out through email (because you cannot contact Pandora by phone) and they were unable to help me. I tried calling the Google number on my bill but that number really does not let you get to a person either. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company.

It seems like this is something that is happening to a lot of people. There is an obvious problem with double charging for Pandora. It does not seem as though they are in any hurry to rectify the situation

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@RV1 For future reference, you can always contact the Google Play support team directly here

This being said, I do see you have an open case with our support team regarding this issue.

Please keep an eye out for their next email reply, and they will be happy to further assist.

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Adam | Community Moderator

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