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Limiting Content in Family Subscription

Local Performer

How do I block explicit content for my kids, but not the adults, in the family account? Each person is set up through a separate email. 



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Hi @ncj1220 Thanks for posting! 🎶

While there is an option to disable explicit content in Pandora Premium, each account in your family plan will have its own explicit filter setting.

Also, the explicit filter will only apply to your radio stations; if someone in your family plan creates a playlist or plays a podcast, they'll be able to choose from both explicit and clean tracks.

However, you and your loved ones can identify explicit tracks and podcast episodes by their red "E" label. To keep explicit songs from playing on your playlists, avoid adding songs with that label.

Otherwise, you would need access to each of the accounts and/or device to enable the explicit filter. 

If you'd like to see this feature for Premium Family, I'd recommend creating a feature request in our Feature Request Board - this is the best way to let us know what you'd like to see on Pandora. You can visit out Feature Request board by clicking here

Thanks again for being part of community! 🎧



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