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Premium session doesn't activate after ad plays

Local Performer

Got to this section, commercials play just like that, but after 3 tries to hear my song, and three different video ads to qualify.......still no song. but it will tell me my connection is bad just like that.....what kind of bull**ahem** is this???


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@bigdaddy Sorry for any trouble.

Could you tell me a bit more about what is happening? Are you listening to Pandora on a computer or on a device?

  1. If you are on a computer, are you listening from:
    • A Mac or Windows computer?
    • Our website, or the desktop app? If you're listening from our website, what browser are you using?
  2. If you are on a device, what is the make and model (and carrier, if applicable)?
  3. Is there an error message? If so, what does it say?
  4. Can you provide me with a screenshot/screen-recording of what you're seeing?

Thanks for all your help with this!

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