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Redeeming Groupon with an Upgraded Account

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I am currently on a Pandora Premium subscription but would like to redeem my 3 months free Groupon coupon. However, clicking on the voucher from Groupon's website just brings me to my profile page. Please help me redeem the coupon.


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Re: Can't redeem Pandora Premium Groupon I was gifted

AlyssaPandora Moderator

Hey there, @Doris. 👋

Sorry for any confusion about the redemption process for the Groupon promotion.

Looks like your account is already upgraded to a monthly Pandora Premium subscription through Google Play. 

Unfortunately, this 90-day free trial offer is only redeemable by new subscribers who upgrade directly through Pandora as mentioned in the official rules of this promotion. As a result, you won't be able to redeem this 90-day trial. I'm sorry about that!

Thanks so much for posting on the community! 🎼

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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