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Still Receiving Ads on Subsciption

Local Performer

I'm still receiving ads on my free trial and want to cancel before I'm charged monthly.  Can't find a way to contact Pandora directly.  Have followed all instructions I can find online to resolve the problem and nothing works.  Very disappointed and bummed.  Any help the community can offer?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@michelle1 Our support team has taken a look and have informed me that the Pandora account your community profile is registered under isn't currently upgraded to any of our paid services.

If you signed up for a subscription, it was likely done on an account registered under a different email address.

With that being said, support has let me know that they will be sending you a separate message via email to get this resolved.

Keep an eye out for their message, and they will be happy to look into this further with you. 

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Local Performer

Yea, don't buy. Pandora is probably owned by AMAZON and they don't care ONE bit about you. The frustration you have experienced was the same experience for me.  I just used Free Pandora. I save money adjusted my adblocker, and I got accustomed to the ads. Go to your browser and it will show how to adjust your adblocker.  I hated doing it but, I just realized we live in a computer bot environment. No one cares and even if you were able to connect, the experienced would probably leave depleted. 

Stay strong. The universe will help you. 

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