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Switching subscription to other account

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How do I switch my premium account to my original account I thought I was using in the first place? I need to move from my Gmail account to my yahoo account. Also I thought att users get premium for free???

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Re: Switching subscription to other account


@pdubb8 Nice to see you around the community.

Switching your Premium account:

I took a glance and it appears the Pandora account registered under your yahoo address is currently upgraded to Pandora Plus through Google Play - not Pandora Premium.

To clarify, do you have a second account registered under a gmail address that is also upgraded to Pandora Premium?

Or did you need help switching this yahoo account from Pandora Plus to Pandora Premium?

Let me know.

Pandora Premium through AT&T:

AT&T Unlimited Plus customers can select Pandora Premium as a free subscription add-on.

However, that offer is only available to Pandora accounts that are set to our free service. Existing Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium subscribers will need to cancel their current subscription before becoming eligible for this offer.

You can find instructions on how to cancel your current subscription through Google Play on this thread: Manage subscription: Google Play

Hope this helps!

Adam | Community Moderator

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