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Track no. 8 on this album does not play on iOS 13

Local Performer

Artist: Beegie Adair
Album: Dream Dancing: Songs Of Cole Porter
Track no. 8: What is this Thing Called Love

Problem: When playing this album on the Pandora app on iOS 13, this particular treack is missing at the no. 8 spot. Instead it shows up before track no. 1 on the album, without a track no., and never ends up getting played. On the desktop web app is shows up correctly as track no. 8 and plays just fine.

I have deleted all data from the iOS Pandora app, and logged out and logged back in, in an attempt to fix, but the problem persists.


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Thanks for pointing this out, @themfu.

I just tried listening from my iPhone XS Max, and I was able to play this specific track without any issues.

Could you tell me a bit more about what is happening?

  • Did you download / collect this particular album? Or are you going to the backstage page of the album and playing it from there?
  • Are you listening in offline mode?
  • If you're able to take a screenshot of what you see, this would be helpful as well. I can send over instructions for how to take a screenshot, if needed.

Let me know.

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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