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iOS: Setting to never replay any songs

Local Performer

Is there a setting so that once my radio station plays a song it will never play that song again?

I am very frustrated with Pandora because it constantly replays songs. In response to this I have formed a habit of disliking almost every song that plays, just so it won't play again (and if I don't do this for even a short time, Pandora just keeps replaying the same songs over and over again, even within 1 day).

I was wondering if there is a setting so that any song will only ever play once on a station, and then it will never play again. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please point me toward this setting if it already exists, or if it could be considered for a future release of Pandora if it doesn't exist yet.

Thank you!

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Hi @llabesab0002! Welcome to community. 👋

To clarify, are you hearing a lot of repetition? Thumbing down a song is the best way to not hear that specific song again on that station. Some things to note is that the thumb down only applies to that song. Different versions of a song such as remixes or live versions will continue to play. You would need to thumb down those songs as necessary. Also, thumbs are station specific, if you have similar genres you may hear that song again on another station.

Having said that, there is a feature request - Blocking/Muting Certain Artists / Song Selection Rules - that is similar to your request. You can vote on this idea by tapping on the heart ❤️.

If you're receiving a lot of repetition I would recommend making sure your thumbs up and down are balanced on each station. Thumbed down tracks narrow down the song pool while, thumbed up tracks act like seeds that inspire similar music to play.

For more station tips or how to add variety to a station check out Tips to improve stations from our help page.


Tanner | Community Moderator

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Local Performer

Hi Tanner,

Thank you for you response. I will check out the other post.

The reason I don't want to ever thumbs up a song is that it will then play again, and I don't want that. I could put it on the shelf, but that is only temporary, and I don't want it to ever play again.

Maybe there could be an alternative option, where you could thumbs up a song but also put it on the shelf permanently.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's an interesting suggestion, @llabesab0002

Feel free to add it to the feature request @TannerPandora mentioned. If you have additional ideas, you can post them here: Feature Requests

For more information about how feature suggestion work on the community, please check out our Feature Request Policy + FAQs

Hope to see you around the community space more often. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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