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iOS: Unable to Download Offline Stations with Plus

Local Performer

Station has been downloading for over 24+ hours and still won’t let me listen too offline? Help.. I have phenomenal WiFi and great 5g service where I live. I downloaded 2 stations in under 15 minutes but the other 3 it’s just not downloading. Why is this?


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Local Performer

I'm honestly sick and tired of Pandora. Pandora you need to understand this frustration. I have been a paying customer for a long time. I have to download my station for offline play every month to every other week. This is complete nonsense and for a paying customer I should not have to deal with this whatsoever. Either you need to do better or give me all of my money back. I chose this platform over the other spotify and etc. If your app is going to continue crashing, where I have to download my playlist every time and now I'm going on 2weeks downloading the same playlist which makes no sense again, you will lose tons of customers. Please fix your problem on your end or return all the money that I have spent to use your app. I'm very disgruntled about this and I have finally had enough with these issues.

Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Hi @UR1 👋

I completely understand your frustration and I deeply apologize for the continued trouble pertaining to your offline listening.

It seems like you've already checked out our accepted solution to this issue, but still having trouble with your offline content staying downloaded.

Next, I would suggest performing our standard iOS Troubleshooting Steps to see if this will help. In full transparency, after doing these steps, your offline content will be removed and will require you to re-download that content again for offline listening.


In addition, I would like to pass your feedback on to our engineering team. Could you tell me more about your device?

  • Device & Generation: (e.g. iPhone X, iPad Air (3rd gen), etc.)
  • Carrier:
  • iOS version: (Settings > General > About > Version)
  • Pandora version: (Pandora > Profile tab > Settings gear & scroll to the bottom of the screen) 

Are you connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data when this is happening?

Have you identified any other patterns or notable information?

Thanks for your help with this! 🤝

Gerald | Community Moderator
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Local Performer

Suddenly I only have ONE offline station downloaded.  In the past I have always had 4 stations.  I have disabled the feature and redownloaded twice but it only downloads a single offline station.  I have more than 100GBs free so storage space on my iphone (running 17.2) is not the issue.  Offline stations have frequently been a problem for me and it's extremely frustrating.  

Seems like Pandora has lots of PLUS customers who also have problems with offline stations.

I do see the language 'up to' but as a customer that doesn't sit well with me, going from 4 stations to 1 for no apparent reason.  

Help please!

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