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Artist: Connecting with other creators


Hello, everyone. I'm a producer, just released my first EP for distribution. I'm trying to learn as much as possible about how to build proper relationships in communities and how to properly label my music so listeners can find it. (there is no "genre" for chill reggae/r&b/hip hop instrumentals.) My music is close to "Lofi, but not sleepy or muted. It's focused on those who love the "feeling" that certain grooves and moods create. I want to grow my knowledge-base, and learn from other independent creators. I will support and encourage other music lovers trying to share good vibes with the world. Anyone have a suggestion on good forums or groups? 


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Diamond in the Rough

Maybe google "lofi reggae chillhop" and possibly "trip hop" and find groups with similar music.  Although you may not have yet found performers doing similar music, if the music style is any good at all, be confident they're out there, so you can find them.  In addition to general sites about your genre, sites dedicated to performers with similar music should allow you to meet and interact with fans of similar styles, including other people who make music, as well as people who might be interested in your music.  If you interact in a professional way, not pushing your music, but maybe just noting it like at the end of messages, some people on these kinds of sites might check your music out and you might grow your fan base.  Although someone like myself could give you advice from a different genre perspective, you would probably benefit most from interacting with people highly knowledgable of your genre and genres very close to yours.  Good luck!  (By the way I make Americana-style music in genres of country, rock, folk, singer-songwriter, indie pop and dream pop, as NADRIP.)


Hey @Lucid-Lounging - We welcome you to this Community!

Pandora is home to countless genres of music and I know there is a place for your chill grooves.

To start, have you submitted your music to our Curators to consider it for radio? If not, here are the instructions on how to do that.

If your music is live on Pandora, have you claimed your AMP artist profile? You can do that here.

I would highly recommend checking out the AMP Playbook for lots of great tips on how to promote your music and build your presence on Pandora.

I think participating in a webinar is great idea too. You can meet Pandora Curators that way and learn more about AMP. To see upcoming webinars, check out the Creator Events here in the Pandora for Creators Community.

Please know that we add new events every month so if you are not seeing anything now, you should see some new stuff at the beginning of the month.

Also, please introduce yourself in this thread and share your music with us! We'd love to hear it.


Chris | Friendly Neighborhood AMP Support