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Android: Player Notification Drains Battery

Opening Act

I was in an earlier thread that Mods merged with a random music playing problem thread. The latter was solved and my issue seems to have been somewhat ignored, with nothing but another request for information from the mods. 

I am starting a separate thread because the old thread is still referencing the music starting problem's solution. 

When i close my Pandora app on either of my 3 phones (LG V20, LG V60, SAMSUNG XCOVER6 PRO), the app briefly closes, then pops open again without playing music. It says it is playing Unknown by unknown. This then heavily drains my batteries. 

I must go thru settings and force close your app. 

This has been going on for many months. Other people in my old thread have abandoned Pandora.  I am about to do the same.

Out of misplaced loyalty, i will wait to more weeks. If there is not a solution by that time. I am cancelling my subscription and moving to one of your competitors.


mod edit: changed title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @Braaainz. 👋

Thanks for reposting your issue in a separate thread, and I'm sorry for the confusion around this. I understand how frustrating it is to experience these issues. Unfortunately, the mods have noticed that quite a few community friends have been experiencing two separate bugs, both of which have been shared with our engineering team:


Based on your recent posts, it sounds like you're experiencing is the issue related to the persistent player notification indicated in this thread: Android: Pandora player notification appears when app is closed

In the meantime, the latest update around this can be found in the solution. Please note: The accepted solution in this instance is meant to flag the current steps and/or status of this thread. This post will be updated with more information as it is provided to the moderation team. 

I can confirm from my end that your feedback, experience, and device information has been shared with our tech team on an internal ticket. While I do not have an ETA / timeline, rest assured your voice has been heard. Thank you for reporting this and for taking the time to provide your device details. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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