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Android: Sharing Music via Text Message

Local Performer

I used to be able to share songs with music on text message and now it just shows album covers. Does anybody know why I can no longer share actual links to the song I want.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Bonniedavis. 👋

It's often easiest to share a song, station, album, playlist, podcast or artist by searching for it (even if it's already a part of your collection).

Then tap the name of the song/station/album/playlist/artist/podcast* and tap Share.

From here you'll be able to share your content either through your messages, through social media channels like Snapchat, Instagram Stories or via email. 

You can also select Copy Link for a direct link to the content you've selected. If you don't see a social media option you'd like to use, make sure that you have the social media app downloaded to your device.

*What content you're able to share may depend on your subscription level.

If you're still having trouble, would you mind sharing a screenshot of what happens when you attempt to share content from Pandora?
I hope this information is helpful. Let me know. 🎧
Alyssa | Community Manager
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