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A Word Of Encouragement For Your Day.

We all need to be encouraged from time to time, I will try my utmost to post a word of encouragement for each day for us to have with us throughout our day. I hope this will help not only myself but for you as well.


ca533c401acb5cba8e1645814b173379.jpg sometimes we all need to be reminded what is more important in our lives. Today reflect on those who you love, and those who love you.

Have a great day and a great weekend. Take care dear friend and stay safe. 

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Good Thursday morning dear friend. 

My guess is you used to tell your husband, your wife, or whomever your significant other may be. "I love you" every morning before leaving for the day. Now you have become complacent, a stalemate if you will. Dear friend never take the one you fell in love with for granted. Tell your beautiful wife when she rolls out of bed first thing in the morning, when she looks like she was driving 100 mph in a convertible that she still looks just as beautiful as the day you met, as the day you married 👰 her. And wife tell your man even with that rough as well as killer morning breath the same. Loving each other, as well as expressing that love "EVERY DAY" should be a wanting urge to do just that. When you look your worse, or your best your love for each other should still shine just as bright if not brighter. 

Have a wonderful day dear friend. Take care, and GOD bless. 


Good Friday morning dear friend. 

The number one subject that causes friction in a relationship (especially marriage) is finances (money). Before any significant investment, and or purchase please be sure to have the courtesy of discussing it over with your significant other, even if your significant other is a stay at home parent. Important decisions in the home should be done mutually by both. When only one person is making the decisions or decision about finances it will cause division in the home, relationship. Marriage and relationships means equal not one above the other. 

Have a great day, and a wonderful weekend. Take care and GOD bless. 


Good Thursday morning dear friend. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July with your family and friends. 

  Dear friend to save you from argument as well as to save you from saying something that you may later regret. Sometimes the most humble thing to do is to be agreeable even though the other is wrong and you are right. 

Have a great day dear friend. Take care and GOD bless. 


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Community Manager

@MOHLovesAlaska I agree! Hope you have a great day 👍

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Good Friday morning dear friend. I hope you have a great Friday, and a wonderful weekend. 

Dear friend can you go the weekend without your cellphone, without your devices? Instead of giving so much attention to those thing's why don't you put them away for the weekend, and take your loved one's on a trip, or camping for a weekend, or some other family adventure. So many times I have seen families as well as couples struggle and have relationship problems. And yet they can spend hours upon hours on the cellphone or other devices. If you were to spend as much time with each other as you do on those devices then your bond would be strong, and you're mountainous problems would seem small. Pay more attention to each other and less time on those devices. 

Have a blessed day, take care and GOD bless. 

P.S I have been cellphone free nearly 15 years. People ask me how, and they also call me crazy and out of touch. I call it smart living. Try it for a weekend and you'll start noticing a different world around you. 



Good Monday morning dear friend. So, were you able to go the weekend without the cellphone or other devices? I did (no computer), and I spent it by spending more time reading my Bible, praying as well as working. 

Distractions can become disastrous when it comes to relationships. Don't allow anyone or anything to high-jack your heart from your hearts love. Believe it or not dear friend cellphones as well as other devices can do just that. 

Have a wonderful day, take care and GOD bless. 


Good Tuesday morning dear friend. 

 Have you stumbled? Have you failed? Have you thrown your hands up in the air and said I quit? 

Welcome to this thing called life. We all have been there, we all have stumbled, fallen, failed, and have thrown our hands up and said "I QUIT". Well, my dear friend here you are along with me reading this. We're not quitters, we are fighters, so dust yourself off, get back up and keep going because that's what fighters do. Strength is found in the process of continuing on, weakness is found when you stay down. So let's keep on keeping on. 

Have a great day my friend. Take care and GOD bless. 


Good Wednesday morning dear friend. 

Dear friend, it is more than okay to just cry. Sometimes you just have to let it out, or let go as some would say. If I had a nickel for every time I cried in the last 15 years I wouldn't have to think about financial problems. Crying is an emotional release that prevents an emotional build up that could lead to an emotional breakdown. There is an old saying that happens to be true, especially in this case. It is better to let it out then keep it in. 

Have a great day dear friend, take care and GOD bless. 

P.S I may have over exaggerated the amount of times I have cried over the last 15 years but I am sure you get my point.


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😍 good day

Good Saturday evening dear friend I hope this will be something you perhaps need to hear. 

Dear friend, I'm sure by now you have figured out how cruel life can be, especially in the working world. Every one of us can be replaced at our jobs, there is not one position in the working world that has a completely guaranteed position for you as an individual. Dear friend, I have some great news for you, you as a person, as an individual cannot be replaced. You're not expendable, you do matter, and you can make a difference in this life. Your boss may not see it, but your friends, your family, and GOD see that you are. If your job replaces you, then you replace that position with a better one because you are more than capable of doing so...This life has chosen this time for you to be here to make a difference, not to just exist, but to be remembered in this time of life, in the time you have been given. 

Have a great weekend dear friend, take care and GOD bless...




@MOHLovesAlaska This has always been one of my favorite threads of yours.

Thanks for the encouraging words! 

@AdamPandora Good Sunday afternoon dear friend, thank you for your great support, and your very kind replies. Have a great day, and a wonderful week, dear friend. Take care and GOD bless...


Good Tuesday afternoon dear friend, are you deep in thought about something that is weighing heavy upon your heart and mind? The Christmas Holiday as you know dear friend is upon us, so many millions of people are struggling to figure out what to get their kids, parents, grandparents, friends, and other loved ones to stuff under the tree. But dear friend, have you paused for a moment to give this a thought, a thought that we all have lost due to our aggressive Christmas shopping and planning? Have you ever thought that perhaps the greatest gift you can give to any of those in your love circle is YOURSELF? We are so caught up with our daily routines that we cheat our loved ones out of the one thing that matters most, giving them ourselves, our time, our attention, our love, our HEARTS... That is perhaps the greatest gift that they want most...After all my dear friend you are more important than a wrapped gift that is lying under a tree, don't substitute that with yourself. 

Have a great evening dear friend, take care and GOD bless... 



I love that, @MOHLovesAlaska!

Nothing beats quality time with your loved ones. 🙏 

@AdamPandora the greatest thing I love about the past, learning from the mistakes we made. Thank you once again dear friend for your support and friendship. Have a great day and a wonderful week. Take care and GOD bless...

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Good Wednesday afternoon dear friend. Dear friend, do you think you and I can seek out a complete and total stranger today and just say Hi, how are you doing today? It may be exactly that type of friendly gesture that could be the bright spot to brighten someone else's day. After all my dear friend, a friendly gesture is one of the best ways to encourage someone. 

Dear friend, have a great day...Take care and GOD bless...

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