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Introduce Yourself


Welcome to the Pandora Community! Whether you've been a long-time Pandora listener or are new to our platform, we'd like to take the time to welcome you to the Pandora family!


We'd also like to take this time to hear from you! Share a picture of yourself below (if you feel comfortable doing so) and add the following so we have a better understanding of who you are:


  • Name?
  • Where you're from?
  • What your favorite genre of music is?
  • What you're currently listening to?
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?


We hope to hear from many of you and hope that your Pandora Community experience is a memorable one. 🎧

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Local Performer
  • Name? Timmie
  • Where you're from? Some Random Graveyard (I joined Pandora when I was 12, almost 10 years ago, so I'm just going to keep up with the story my angsty pre-teen self put in my bio then). 
  • What your favorite genre of music is? Rock, metal, and stuff like that
  • What you're currently listening to? Pet by A Perfect Circle 
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? Thumbprint Radio

Honestly haven't used Pandora for the past few years, but its cool to see how things have changed. I mainly just came back to see my old playlists and cringe, while I make my friends join me in singing emo songs from our childhood. 


It's nice to have you back, @DeadlyButterfly😁

If you ever need help, or have any questions, feel free to create a new post in one of our support spaces, and myself or one of our other moderators will be happy to assist.

Thanks for being a part of the Community!

Adam | Community Moderator

Let's share music in the Playlist Swap


My name is christina im from flagstaff arizona and my favorite genre of music is 80s currently im listening to the pet shop boys... what can i say they are my favorite haha. Oh and im 17

Platinum Certified

@Christina173 the 80's are truly one of the best if not the best decade for music. It is still very popular today, and as you stated, you are 17 and you love the 80's so nothing more to add to that. And nice to meet you as well. If you ever have any music requests that you would like to see posted, I curate the GSOTD (Genre Songs Of The Day) (Clean Only) post and playlist. Just go to that post and make your request. You will also find the link to the playlist at the beginning of the post. Take care and stay safe. 


Local Performer

Hello from borger tx 



Hello everybody! My name is dalynn shouting out from my hometown Dalton Georgia! What's uupppp!!!!! 

Platinum Certified

@Kd82 and hello to you from Up-State N.Y. and yes I have to specify Up-State N.Y, most people assume the City if I just say N.Y. there are just over 8 million people living in Up-State compared to that of 11.2 million living in the City of N.Y. (Long Island included). 

  Anyway, it is nice to meet you, you take care and stay safe. 


Thank you so much for the lines! And for replying back to me! You're TRUELY
awesome!! I love Pandora!