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Little Mermaid (Under The Sea) vs Toy Story (You Got A Friend In Me)

Opening Act

Doing a cartoon movie soundtrack versus this time. Two great childhood movies that will always stick with us, although I believe Toy Story is the better movie, I also will choose "You got a friend in me" as the better song.


What about you guys?

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Chart Topper

@Cptheg3 You really do an awesome job with these challenges. I like both of these songs. I remember everytime I would hear "Under The Sea" I would get up, acting silly and do a little dance. 

However with that said, I'm going to say that "You Got A Friend In Me" is my favorite of the 2.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I agree @UncleBud@Cptheg3 does an excellent job of choosing the songs. Each one is a tough choice for me. 

For this round, I'll go with Toy Story's "You Got a Friend in Me". I think the lyrics are better and the song is more meaningful. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Opening Act

Hmmm interesting question and great movies both! But, personally I think "You got a friend in me" hits a little differently than "under the sea". What do you guys think?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Toy Story was one of my favorite Disney movies growing up, so I am going to have to go with You Got a Friend in Me! 

Local Performer

I love you've got a friend in me I played it on guitar.