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Quarantine Listening?

Diamond in the Rough

With all the buzz on covid-19, quarantine, social distancing and whatnot, how is quarantine affecting your Pandora usage, if at all? What do you find yourself doing more often? Have you learned anything new, or discovered new music? Has quarantine influenced you do invest time into things you normally don't pay attention to?

Personally, quarantine doesn't affect me that much. As a homeschooled teen, I spend a lot of time indoors, and on my free time I like to play videogames. PS4 is my current favorite system. I got Overwatch, Spiderman, Lego Incredibles..... I keep busy. 😉

One more thing. If you made a "quarantine playlist" What songs would you have on it?

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-
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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Yoshi I find that I've had a lot more time to read books, and check out shows I've been wanting to watch on Netflix. I've also been trying new recipes and cooking a lot more.

Over the last few months, my favorite Pandora stations have been:

🎶FKJ Radio

🎶Tom Misch Radio 

🎶Sampha Radio

Songs from those stations are typically what I have on my playlists, chill vibes. 

What songs would be on your playlist? Also, if you have any playlists you'd like to share, feel free to share them in the Playlist Swap. 


Alyssa | Community Manager
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Diamond in the Rough

1. I have no idea how to make a playlist

2. I would have songs like,

I'm Not In Love, 10cc

All By Myself, Eric Carmen

Against All Odds, Phil Collins

Your Song, Elton John

Fooled Around And Fell In Love, Elvin Bishop

(Huh, when I look at all those songs, looks more like a breakup playlist...)

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-

AlyssaPandora, I am not sure about you or others here in the Pandora community. I have had more time adding to my own personal playlist. Creating new playlist. I have also been able to help my brother in-law finish up his huge addition that he and my sister started on their place. I have also added a 10x6 mud room on my "Tiny living" space. We also have done some remodeling work on our screen house. Also completed some other tasks that were being saved for weekends over the summer. This Covid-19 pandemic may have shut down the normal way of living, but it has allowed time for at home projects to get completed. Well, take care and stay safe.  

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what happens if we don't know how to make a playlist

Bailey1234 click on this name link and this person will give you in detail just how to do that very thing. Take care and stay safe.  @AlyssaPandora ,  @TannerPandora ,  @AdamPandora  ,  @ErickPandora . One these moderators will assist you.  


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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Bailey1234 The ability to search songs and add them to customized playlists is only an option with a Pandora Premium subscription. If you'd like to upgrade or find out more information on the full benefits of a Pandora Premium subscription, you can view this page

Alternatively, you can initiate a Pandora Premium Session which allows you to listen to content on-demand or try Pandora Premium without committing to a subscription.

For more information on how to start a free Pandora Premium Session, you can view this page

Hope this helps! 

Diamond in the Rough