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Saying hello to everyone cuz im new

Local Performer

Tell me how this works!!!!

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@Vweekly19 good Sunday afternoon, I think you are on the right track already. You pretty much can post whatever you would like here in the community. I am the curator for GSOTD (clean only) post and playlist. I also curate "This Day In The History Of Music" you can reply to posts that you like, or you can create your own to create a conversation with those in the community. If you ever have any questions, problems, or even concerns about anything, here are the five people you can reach out to for help. @ErickPandora@AdamPandora@TannerPandora@ShannonPandora, and @AlyssaPandora. One of these fabulous five will help you in any way they can. If you have any favorite music selections that you would like to see posted and added to the GSOTD (clean only) post and playlist, then please reply at the GSOTD post, I will also make mention of you on the post as well. You take care and stay safe. 



@Vweekly19 Welcome to the Community!

If you'd like to give everyone a full introduction, feel free to do so on this thread: Introduce Yourself

You can find my intro here.

And as @MOHLovesAlaska already said, if you have any specific questions regarding the Pandora app or the Community space, feel free to create a new post and let us know.

Hope we continue to see you around some more. 😎

Adam | Community Moderator

Let's share music in the Music + Podcasts