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Tanner's Tips: #1 Pandora Modes


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Welcome to Tanner's Tips!

This post is dedicated to all the great features that Pandora has to offer. Each week I'll be talking about and breaking down a Pandora feature in detail. Some of you may be using these features every day and others maybe not so much. My goal is to introduce something new and fun to your Pandora experience. Thanks for listening! 🎧


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  • Devices: iOS/ Android (including tablets), Web, Desktop apps, Sonos
  • Subscription: Free (ad-supported), Plus, Premium (Individual), Premium Family


Pandora Modes is great addition to your listening experience. With Modes, Pandora offers six unique ways to listen to your stations. Each listening mode has a different function, and many respond to Thumb activity in a unique way. Remember, you'll want to continue to use Thumbs. Any Thumbs you apply while listening in one of these modes will also apply to your main station (My Station mode) and carry over to your other devices. For example, giving a Thumbs Up in Newly Released Mode will tell My Station to play more new music for you. You can always remove Thumb feedback if things don't turn out the way you expect. 


What are the listening modes? 

My Station: Allows you to listen to the radio station you know and love. Keep in mind that Thumbs you apply in other Pandora Modes (e.g., Discovery mode) will affect your main station, so the experience in My Station will still evolve with Thumb feedback.

Crowd Faves: Plays whichever relevant songs are the most popular. Your Thumbs will function normally in this mode.

Discovery: A great option if you're feeling musically adventurous. Discovery mode will surface artists and tracks that wouldn't normally play on this station, regardless of whether you Thumb in this mode. If you do, your Thumbs Down will function normally, but Thumbing Up tracks will tell your station that you want to mix things up a bit in My Station mode moving forward as well.

Deep Cuts: Deep Cuts mode focuses on playing lesser-known tracks by the artists that normally play on your station. Your Thumbs Down will function normally in this mode, but Thumbing Up tracks will tell your station that you'd like more variety and B-Sides in My Station mode moving forward.

Newly Released: The newest releases from the artists featured on your station. Your Thumbs Down will function normally in this mode, but Thumbing Up tracks will tell your station that you'd like more new music in My Station mode moving forward.

Artist Only: Artist Only mode does exactly what it implies: plays only songs by the artist you used to seed your station (unless you've added variety to your station, in which case it will play tracks from those artists as well). This mode will only be available on some stations.


Things to remember:

  • Not all Pandora Modes will be available on every station.
  • Free and Plus subscribers: Keep in mind, due to licensing requirements, Artist Only mode requires a Pandora Premium subscription or complimentary Pandora Premium Session. Free listeners and Pandora Plus subscribers can activate a temporary and complimentary session of Pandora Premium by viewing an advertisement.


Where to find Modes?

First, start a station. You are started in "My Station" mode by default.


Start playing a station and go to your Now Playing screen. The Now Playing screen is easily opened by tapping the title of the currently playing song at the bottom of your screen.

The name of your station should be displayed at the top of the Now Playing screen. Tap the button underneath it that reads My Station to view any other available listening modes.

Website / Desktop app:

Start your station and go to your Now Playing screen.

Any available modes will be listed under Tune Your Station.

Sonos app:

Tap the ellipsis (three dots) from your Now Playing screen (you can also find it from the My Sonos, Browse, or Search tabs next to the station name). Then tap View Pandora Modes.

To favorite a station's mode from your Now Playing screen, tap the ellipsis next to the station name and select Add Station to My Sonos. This will save your station's current Mode to your saved station list.


Example Modes on Mobile:

Mobile - ModesMobile - ModesMobile - Modes SelectionMobile - Modes Selection














Example Modes on Web / Desktop app:

Protip - Modes - Desktop - location.png















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@TannerPandorathank you for the detailed information about the features. Take care and stay safe. 


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Great information, I love the station modes 

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Community Manager

Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, @TannerPandora 👍

I love modes! 🎧

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Up & Coming Artist

Thanks for all tips Tanner, they are very helpful. Station modes are my favorite. 😊


Hooray for Modes! Glad you're enjoy the posts, @joemd1960🙌🏻