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This or That: Getting to Know You


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Let's get to know one another better! Share your choices below. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

My Choices:

1. Savory 🍝

2. Sunrise ☀️ 

3. Beach 

4. TV Series 📺

5. Big City 🏙

6. Coffee 

7. Drama 🎭

8. Introvert 📚

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Community Manager
Community Manager

I'll go first!




TV Series

Big City



And I consider myself an introverted-extrovert, or an extroverted-introvert (however you want to look at it 👀)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@AdamPandora Same here! Introverted-extrovert. 😅

Alyssa | Community Manager
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1. Sweet or Savory for me = both

2. Sunrise or Sunset for me = both

3. Park or Beach for me Beach.

4. TV Series or Movies for me Movies.

5. Big City or Small Town for me Small Town 

6. Tea or Coffee for me Coffee

7. Comedy or Drama for me = Both

8. Introvert or Extrovert for me =Ambivert  (it just means I have a mixture of both traits) 

Thanks for sharing @AlyssaPandora, @ShannonPandora, and @AdamPandora, take care and stay safe. 


Opening Act

Hello 👋

Sweet 🍫

Sunset 🌇

Beach 🏖

TV Series 📺

Big City 🏙

Tea 🍵

Drama 🎭

Introverted Extrovert 🤔

Not applicable

Honestly I myself am not a picky person I just go with the flow 😁

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Yay, I've found another one of these thank you @Pandora..

What if you like to mix sweet and savory together cause i cant choose both. unless I'm in the mood to choose one.

The beach.  I live in California i can't be without the beach.  Speaking of the beach my beach Huntington Beach is closed cause of a huge oil spill a lot of fish and birds died, unfortunately.

movies and tv shows I have to choose both once again but they have to be fast-paced or else i won't have the patience for either one

the big city of course small towns are scary to me cause everyone knows everything and that can sometimes be very annoying

once again I have to choose both my favorite tea is  chai and for coffee, I drink it black 

comedy since drama is always predictable 

I'm an introvert and extrovert its mood-based and in person i can be a bit shy.




Diamond in the Rough

My Choices:

1. Sweet, I like both, but most of the time I prefer sweet.

2. Sunset, I would never get up that early, sorry!

3. Park, I dont like the sand that much.

4. T.V. series, I like the little breaks in between episodes.

5. Big city, I like both a lot, but, I like to be in big crowds.

6.  Coffee, again, I like both but I love a peppermint macchiato

7. Drama, I like chaos.

8. Definitely an extrovert, I love being with people, and I despise being alone.

Y'all might think I'm weird but these are my choices! 

Chart Topper

1.  Savory (although I do have a sweet tooth)

2. Sunset (although I've seen some spectacular sunrises)

3. Beach

4. TV Series (NCIS rules)

5. Small Town

6. This is a tough one. I'm from the South and we love our sweet tea down here but I certainly need coffee too. I guess if I could only have one is I'd choose tea.

7. Comedy (laughter is great medicine)

8. I'm an extrovert with introvert tendencies





tv series- lucifer!!

small town

sweet tea



Opening Act

This looks fun! I'll Jump in


  • Sweet 
  • Sunset
  • Beach
  • T.V. Series 
  • Big City
  • Coffee
  • Comedy 
  • Extrovert