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Weather in Texas

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How many of you guys are experiencing negative affects from the cold front? I had my power go out and it's still out, so sorry if I don't post often. this is from a Starbucks right now. Are any of your guy's power out? It snowed here, in Houston, Texas, which like never happens... this is crazy.


ps. sorry for the bad formatting, I was in a hurry writing this.




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@ForgeMPH , I hope you get your power back on soon. I did see on the Weather channel the problems much of Texas has been having with icing, cold, and the snow. They also reported 4.4 million people without power. I live in up state N.Y., we had a almost a 1/4 inch of ice the other day, thank the good Lord we did not lose power. We also have a snow storm coming for tomorrow thru Friday night. Were expecting around 8 - 10 inches. Well do your best to stay warm. Take care and stay safe.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

@ForgeMPH @MOHLovesAlaska As you both mention, I am very aware of the issues in Texas with the cold and power outages. It hits close to home for sure. 

Stay safe and as warm as possible, my friends! I hope you're able to stay connected to friends & family. You're in my thoughts! 

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

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@ErickPandora , thank you dear friend. Here in Up- State N.Y. we are equipped to handle the ice, the snow, and even the cold. We do have a generator here, fortunately we've not had to use it this winter. Texas on the other hand, they are not at all use to these types of elements. I'm sure Texans will start seeing a greater change in the future, when this happens again they will not have to suffer as they have been. I do wish them all of the best, and my prayers are with them all. Take care and stay safe.  


Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.

Hope you and your loved ones are doing okay through all of this, @ForgeMPH. I have friends and family in Texas that are experiencing the same exact thing right now.

We're thinking of you, and hoping that you regain power soon. Please try to stay warm! 💌 

Alyssa | Community Manager
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