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random questions to get to know you


favorite shoe brand?

favorite color?

favorite food?

single or in relationship?

book or movie?

where are you from?


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  1. Merrell shoes are the best. 
  2. Hunter Green (With Black Trim)
  3. Sweet and Sour Chicken with white rice, along with peppers and onions. Made my way.
  4. Single
  5. Book (The Holy Bible, (Captain Ahab, The Great Whale) (Love Poems, The Sonnets by William Shakespeare, Love Poems of Lord Byron.)
  6. Up-State N.Y...take care and be safe alyssa_m.. 


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Diamond in the Rough

New Balance is pretty good. So are Asics... Can't decide.

Color? Dark Purple

Pizza, and shrimp fried rice

Single at the moment

Book? Harry Potter Year 4 Goblet of Fire

Movie? Um... Star Wars Episode III or Episode II

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-


👟 Favorite shoe brand: Adidas

🖌 Favorite color: Deep Red / Burgundy 🍷

🦀  Favorite food: Maryland style crab cakes and I also love creole fried green tomatoes 

❤️ Single or in relationship: Relationship 💍

📚 Book or Movie: I love books and I'm currently reading "The Last Flight" by Julie Clark

🌇 Where are you from: Baltimore, MD

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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Diamond in the Rough

Does the ring mean marriage, or commitment?

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-


@Yoshi In my case, it means both! 😄

Alyssa | Community Moderator

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Diamond in the Rough

Haha good for you!

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-

Local Performer
  • My favorite brand of shoes is either Nike or Skechers.

My favorite color is light purple.

My favorite food is Alaskan king crab legs.

Well at the moment I'm in a relationship.  However, this can change almost on a daily basis since I have a bipolar boyfriend who can act very self-centered, selfish, and act like a MAJOR **ahem**!  

Favorite book or movie:. Do I only get to pick one?  Well as far as movies I would say 'Rainman' and 'Dirty Dancing' but that's NOT TO SAY that those 2 win over ALL other great movies!  OH, can't forget 'Case for Christ.'. As far as favorite book, the BIBLE, of course!

Where from:  Spokane WA.   But before Spokane, VENUS!

Diamond in the Rough

Goddess on a mountain top

Burning like a silver flame

The summit of beauty and love

And Venus was her name...

-If you think about it, the brain named itself...-

On the Rise

Favorite shoe: Merrel shoes

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite food: Mom’s spaghetti and clam sauce

I have to say both: I read a passage out of the Bible everyday, and the book Jesus calling. Trading Places for the movie.  
Single or in a Relationship: Single



My turn! 

Favorite shoe brand?: Nike or Jordan ✔️

Favorite color?: I like the darker version of these colors if that makes sense - but in no particular order blue, green and red 🔵🍏🔴

Favorite food?: Pizza🍕 & Tacos!🌮

Single or in relationship?: Relationship 💙

Book or movie?: I'd normally say movie, but after watching so much TV during these times, I think it's time I pick up a book. 📚

Where are you from?: The Bay Area 🤟🏽

Adam | Community Moderator

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Diamond in the Rough

I know I'm a little late but my turn!

favorite shoe brand? If I have to say, Nike

favorite color? Sky blue or magenta or leafy green

favorite food? Skyline

single or in relationship? Single😄

book or movie? Both. My fav movie is Suicide Squad though.

where are you from? Ohio

Stay safe and strong!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Ohhh, this is fun @alyssia_m!


  • favorite shoe brand? Since I discovered Asics for my wide size 13 feet, there is no going back 👟
  • favorite color? 🔴
  • favorite food? Italian food 😋
  • single or in a relationship? In a relationship 👫
  • book or movie? Currently, 50 Cent - Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter 📚
  • where are you from? Born in El Salvador, live in the San Francisco Bay Area. 🌉
Erick | Community Manager

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