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Connect laptop to NYNE Speaker

Local Performer

Hi. I am new to the community. I have a laptop and want to stream Pandora on an external NYNE speaker that recognizes bluetooth. Is t here a way I can do bluetooth on my laptop?

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Hi @mmonestersky - Welcome to community! 👋🏻

I created a separate post for your question since it was a little different than the topic in the previous thread. 

While I don't have a definite answer for you, it is possible to connect your laptop to various bluetooth enabled devices. However, I would refer you to the manufacturer of your laptop for steps on how to do this.  

Sorry I wasn't able to help more. 

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First, you need to know if you have BlueTooth. I have a Chromebook, and for me if I hover and click the bottom right corner of my screen, I can get to a menu with BlueTooth, but it's not that simple because while my last laptop pretty much said the same thing if I took it to the car, which also recognized the BlueTooth signal there was some sort of compatibility issue. I now have a newer laptop, but have yet to try it. My son has also tried BlueTooth in the car and it works though not well at all; could be the car, could be the phone, could be both. And, lastly my wife uses it without any problems, and to top it off she also can't figure out why it doesn't work on my old laptop.