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Desktop: Playlists Stop after First Song

Local Performer

I'm on a Windows computer and listening from your website.

The most annoying problem, though, is that my playlist will play the first song and then stop. I'm able to play your currated stations without a problem. Maybe I'm not launching the playlist correctly? Do you just press the play arrow, or is there something else you have to do?


The name of my playlist: Songs to Write To

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Hey @Sheryl thanks for posting.

Which browser do you use on your Windows computer? I'm going to take a look at your playlist from my end. This may disrupt your listening stream, don't be alarmed if you receive an error message that someone else is listening. It's just me. 😄



Hi again @Sheryl - just a quick update:

I was able to replicate this on my end. I'm going to ask our User Support team to start a ticket to investigate.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 

Tanner | Community Moderator

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keeps buffering and won't play any music.. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @renjo12. 👋

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble listening.

Could you tell me a bit more about what is happening when you're unable to listen to Pandora?

  • Are you using a Windows or MAC computer?
  • Browser or desktop app?
    • If you're using a browser, which one?
  • Are there any error messages? If so, what exactly does it say?

Let me know.

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Local Performer

Samsung phone to soundbar keeps cutying out

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@Arny7 To clarify, are you only experiencing this issue with Pandora?

Have you tried streaming other apps such as YouTube?

If not, please try launching the YouTube app and let me know if you experience similar issues there as well.

Thanks for your patience.

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