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Desktop: "Something has gone wrong" Error with Premium Access


I can listen to radio. but in order to listen to collected songs/albums you have to watch an ad. I can watch the ad that appears no problem. The issue comes after the ad is over. I get an error message "OOPS. Something has gone wrong. Please try again later.".

This issue is about 2 weeks old now.

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Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the reply. I am using Pandora on a Windows PC running Google Chrome.  I work for a university so accessing through whatever typical firewalls they have in place.  I also run various ad blockers, do not track, etc.  I did add Pandora to the 'allowed' sites for pop ups and redirects in Chrome.

I think I understand what you said about Plus vs Premium subscription.  So in order to listen to an album at all I would need either Premium or a Premium Access session. My attempt at the Premium Access session is what is not working, probably because of the ad blockers I am running. I will see if allowing Pandora to bypass these will help. Thanks.

Pandora Moderator - Emeritus
Pandora Moderator - Emeritus

Thanks for the update @janzig!

The ad blocker may be the issue on why your Premium Acces Session is not working properly because these sessions are funded by advertisements. To avoid experiencing any listening issues, you can find steps on how to add Pandora to the allowlist in your ad blocker on our help page.

In addition, I also recommend troubleshooting your web browser with our Chrome Troubleshooting steps to see if this helps.

Let us know how it goes!

Gerald | Community Moderator
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I had this issue as well. I turned off adblock + and it worked. Maybe check to see if there is another app blocking adds. I know malwarebytes free version recently upgraded and I had to turn that off altogether. Hope this helps


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What about desktop cuz that **ahem** dont work