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Trouble Resuming Playback after Premium Session

Local Performer

1) Try to play a new song

2) Get prompted that that's only available with Pandora Premium

3) Say OK and opt-in to the trial

4) Trial expires

5) Pandora never works again

No amount of refreshing, shift-refreshing, restarting or clicking other stations or the Play button will ever play music; the Play button fails and no music plays.


Moderator Edit: Changed title for clarity


To fix, in Chrome:

1) Logout of Pandora

2) Hit F12 to open Developer Tools

3) Click the Application tab at the top

4) Click the Clear Storage side-tab on the left

5) Click Clear site data button

6) Close this tab of Pandora, which will implicitly close Dev Tools

7) Open Pandora again, login, should play music again

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Hey there, @soopahman. 👋

Sounds like you're enabling a complimentary session of Premium. Once the session ends, you're unable to get back to listening normally.

I was able to check in with our support team and it looks like you've only enabled 1 session thus far. Sorry to hear this is happening.

You can also try running through these steps if the issue persists. 

Thanks so much for posting on the community! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Moderator
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