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W10 Desktop App: Audio Stops While Timer Continues


using the app on a pc running windows 10

three or four songs play and then audio drops out but meter is bouncing like it is sending signal.

reset app data as instructed

stops again, sometimes multiple times in an hour.

not my internet connection as that is stable across every other web based platform I am running.

Been like this for awhile.

does it when my account is accessed from the web as well, but refreshing the browser window solves the problem there.  occasionally audio drops out, meter bounce continues, but then 20 minutes later audio starts again without me doing anything.

never have a problem with it from my IPhone.

paid subscriber.  frustrated and ready to move on to another music service.

talk me off the ledge here, please.

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Just another update on the office situation, Pandora played one song this morning and stopped as it has been on this system for the past 1 1/2 week.  I have been streaming the local radio station through Microsoft Edge all morning without any issues.  Shoots down some of my thoughts on Fios connectivity issues.  After lunch will try returning to Pandora and see if the results are better.


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Running Pandora since about 2pm this afternoon.  Just have had a couple of hiccups, nothing like I was experiencing earlier.

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So much for everything being ok.  4:23pm player unresponsive.  Advance to next song still nothing.  Blank album shown with grooves spinning.  Had to close Pandora down and restart.  

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This looks to be the final update from me on this thread!  Started Pandora this morning at around  8am and had one little hiccup that corrected itself after a little delay.  It has been playing non stop since.  Great to have uninterrupted music that I like!!!!  Thank you Alyssa

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RichShif Glad to hear things are back up and running again.

If this continues to be an issue down the line, please make sure to reach back out to us and let us know.

Thanks for listening!