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Mark Station as Favorite with easy access to Favorite Stations view for Desktop and Mobile both

Mark Station as Favorite with easy access to Favorite Stations view for Desktop and Mobile both

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While Pandora has an option to sort stations by most played and most recently played, this doesn't help me find my go-to stations easily.  This got particularly difficult to manage ever since the Alexa integration automatically creates a new station every time I want to listen to a particular artist or song.

I would like to be able to mark my stations as "Mine" - i.e. my favorite stations - and be able to sort or view these under the stations browser.  Least recently used doesn't work:  The auto-created stations clutter the view at the top.  Most played doesn't work:  New stations are at the bottom of the list.  Renaming them with my name on the front of the station doesn't work:  Pandora stations can't be renamed and the station search doesn't do a good job of pulling those anyway.

It's a pretty big implementation problem for me - the solution has been "browser bookmarks" to my stations, which is hard cheese.

Thank you...



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Yes please add "Favorites". Radios have had buttons for 100 years to quickly save favorite stations.  It's crazy not to have favorites within Pandora.  The "Recently played" is also a bad way to save my stations because when I go explore new stations then my favorites get buried in amongst the stations I was experimenting with.

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Absolutely love this idea - I have this exact same issue, and this would be such a seemingly easy update that could make a world of difference for the listening experience. 

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