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Music Videos on desktop and mobile apps and music video playlists

Music Videos on desktop and mobile apps and music video playlists

Status: Open Ideas

I often find myself going to youtube while working from home and playing a music video playlist. Youtube has ads, and I already have Pandora Premium so it would be nice if while playing music and I have the pandora tab open the video would play (if available). 

You could also make video only playlists, make them available offline as well. My Thumbprint station is very nice and Youtube's recommendations are not as good, so it would be nice to use this to it's full potential with videos. 

A lot of podcasts are also posted to youtube with a video, would be nice to just play off Pandora. 

This will also make the TV app a lot more powerful/useful. I know Pandora was bought out by Sirious XM but I hope this platform is still taken seriously.



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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting to Feature Request @ponyjc! This is a really cool idea, I'd like to see this too. 

Don't forget to ❤️, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

Thanks for the suggestion and for being part of community. Hope to see you around more!